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Apple products like the iPad are a testament to the brand’s ability to keep up with modern times. This device has consistently evolved throughout the years, offering millions of users impressive features and quality technology.
But iPads are not flawless, and some problems are far too common.
In this article, we will discuss the most common problems of iPad devices, their potential solutions, and what to do in each case. Sometimes these solutions work, and sometimes they don’t. In the latter case, don’t give up yet.
Whether you need a complete iPad screen repair or just an iPad touchscreen replacement, we’re here to assist you. Bring the device to us at ER4Gadgets, and we will make sure to fix it.

Background of iPad

With millions of units sold worldwide, Apple’s iPad has become one of the most popular gadgets in recent times. The first generation released in 2010 set the stage for what was to come, and Apple did not disappoint.
Interestingly enough, the iPad conception came before the iPhone, but the iPhone was released first.
Over the years, iPad’s popularity continued to grow, and the device experienced significant enhancements to keep up with the expectations. All this led to the creation of the latest iPad Pro, which encapsulates the best of previous models with the efficiency of modern technologies.
Efficient, yes—but not flawless.

Common iPad Problems

Despite impressive advances, Apple iPads still struggle with some common problems. These are the most recurring problems with potential solutions to solve them.
If these fixes don’t work, contact our customer support to schedule a free basic diagnostic visit. From cracked screen repair to a battery replacement, our experienced technicians are there to lend a helping hand and get your iPad repaired.

An iPad unable to turn on is a problem that most iPad owners might face eventually. Make sure the battery has enough charge first. If you notice there’s not enough energy coming through, change the USB cable. Ideally, you must use a 12-Watts USB charger for this purpose.

Newer models like the iPad Pro 2021 often experience connectivity issues where the Wi-Fi won’t connect. You can try rebooting the router or restarting the iPad if the problem remains. As a last measure, you may need to reset the device entirely.

Software issues or corrupt memory can cause your iPad screen to freeze. Fortunately, the solution for this problem is usually restarting the device. If the recommended fix does not work, you may be dealing with a display issue. Consider hiring a professional for a thorough diagnostic.

It isn’t uncommon for iPads to get stuck on the startup logo. Sadly, it is not easy to identify the root of this problem. One definitive solution you can try is resetting the device back to factory settings. However, this must be your last resource.

Sometimes, iTunes may not recognize your iPad. Common solutions for this problem include updating the software. Go to System Preferences and tap on Software Update. If the problem remains, restart the iPad. Other potential solutions are deleting and installing iTunes again.

Why Should You Take iPad Repair Service of ER4Gadgets in Houston?

As the #1 doorstep gadget repair service in Houston, TX, a solid reputation backs our work. Years of experience have allowed our skilled team to provide solutions for iPad and all Apple products. If you need a fix, here’s why you should trust us..

Quick iPad Repairs on the Same Day

Need last-minute screen repairs for your iPad? Or maybe a quick fix for a crashing iOS system? You’re in the right place! Our trustworthy and Apple-certified technicians provide a fast service to identify the problem and get your device up and running in no time.

Pickup and Delivery Services are Free

Our quality service includes getting the device back to you. So, come for a free pickup or request our delivery service, which is also free. You won’t have to pay any extra fee or more money after the repair.

Every Repair Backed with a Limited Time Warranty

Trust us to come up with effective solutions and long-lasting results. With a lifetime limited warranty, your device will not experience the same issues again.

All Genuine Parts Guaranteed

By guaranteeing the use and integrity of genuine parts, your device will look and perform like new.

Affordable Prices for Every Budget

Consult with our staff to get an estimate on how much the repair will cost. We work fast and efficiently, but also reasonably. This reflects in our prices, which are affordable for every budget.

Only the Most Professional & Certified Technicians

Many promise effective solutions for your device and fail to deliver. With us, you don’t have to worry about that. Our certified technicians are professionals and have been in the field for years.

Established iPad Repair Service Provider in Houston, Texas

Rely on a certified repair service provider in Houston to restore the functionality of your iPad and other Apple devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

• How long does an iPad last?

A functional iPad with proper care and maintenance can last up to five years. Following its natural cycle, iPad owners can disassemble the device to recycle its parts. Others prefer refurbishing the iPad.

• Why is my iPad not working?

Many reasons can cause the iPad to stop functioning. For example, the device may experience a glitch in the software, overheated batteries, or hardware damage within the logic board or internal pieces. In these situations, a thorough diagnostic is in order.

• Can you repair a glitchy iPad?

Repairing a glitchy iPad is possible after identifying the problem. Some people perform a hard reset on the device, which may lead to a temporary solution. However, damage within internal components will require thorough maintenance.

• How do you spot malware in iPads?

Symptoms of malware in iPads are diverse, but a sudden spike in data usage is a clear giveaway. Constant pop-up notifications and sudden frozen screens are other signs of malware or viruses.

• How do you control security on iPad?

Go to Settings and tap Privacy. A new screen should display a selection of items describing the access requested from all apps. If you want to block an app, deny authorization.

Free Pick Up and Delivery

Don’t need to come. We will pick any broken device for FREE !

We know you are very busy, aren’t you? That’s why our team is always ready to pick up your device anytime, any day, anywhere in Texas. Just give us a call and we will do the rest.

  • We know you are very busy, aren't you? That's why our team is always ready to pick up your device anytime, any day, anywhere in Texas. Just give us a call and we will do the rest.

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FREE ESTIMATE on Gadget Repair. Drop by our store at 4151 Southwest Freeway suite #460, Houston, Texas 77027. Our trained repair techs can provide a free, no-obligation estimate to help you decide if you should fix what you have or go for an upgrade. Any mobile device from a phone to a tablet to a laptop, and even your gaming console, we can fix it. Often, we can complete your repair the same day, sometimes while you wait.


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Jodi Paul
Jodi Paul
When my hard drive started to fail, I feared I'd need to replace my iMac. But as we all know, Apple products are pricey! So I started looking around for an Apple Authorized Service Provider. I found ER4Gadgets here on Google, and I am so glad I called them. They were able to replace the failing fusion drive with an SSD. They came to pick the iMac up from my home and returned it the same day. And, of course, this cost a fraction of replacing the computer. Plus, they fixed an old iPad Mini that was stuck in a boot loop! Now I'll be able to hand it off to my little nephew—I'm sure he will love it! I'd hoped I could get a few more years out of this iMac, and thanks to ER4Gadgets, I will be able to do just that. Humberto is incredibly knowledgeable, as well as kind and personable. I highly recommend this company and will 100% use them again for any future iPad, iPhone, MacBook, and iMac repairs I need. Thank you SO MUCH! ER4Gadgets saved the day!
Houdini Guerra
Houdini Guerra
So easy
Abigayle Slade
Abigayle Slade
Wonderful service! Joe was very helpful and fixed my camera with no issues! Will definitely come back if I ever need repairs.
Yahir Olivares
Yahir Olivares
Super great customer service Really fast paced. Overall, a well-mannered employee.
Manny Perez
Manny Perez
This place is awesome!! Great Service, fast and very knowledgeable staff. will return if I break my phone again!!
They fixed my phone quick (took about 20 minutes), did the repair for a reasonable price, and gave me a free screen protector. Very kind ppl. Will return if I need anything else fixed.

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