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iPhone repair service

Damaged your iPhone? Don’t panic! It can probably be fixed more easily than you think.
There’s no need to spend a bunch of money to buy a new phone. Rather, it’s smarter to visit a shop offering repair services for problems such as a cracked screen, loudspeaker issues, or damage from water.
As one of the leading iPhone repair service shops in Houston, Texas, we at ER4Gadgets have seen it all. And we can confidently say that we have a solution to nearly every kind of damage that an iPhone can suffer.
If you’re in Houston TX, with a damaged iPhone, here’s how you can benefit from our service.

A Little About the iPhone

A Little About the iPhone

It’s no surprise that, with the iPhone having over a 30% share in the market for smartphones, the California-based Apple Inc. is one of the world’s leading tech companies.
Besides phones, they’re also makers and sellers of premium computers, computer software, watches, and online services (such as Apple Music and Apple Pay), and their own streaming service, AppleTV!
The iPhone is, without a doubt, Apple’s best-selling and most popular creation. The first ever iPhone was released in June 2007. Some of the most popular iPhones are the iPhone 5S, iPhone SE, iPhone XR, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. In 2022, after over 30 iterations of the iPhone, we arrived at the iPhone 14, which also has Pro and Pro Max versions.
If you have an iPhone, you probably love it very much. Damaging it can be very distressing. Our shop offers competitive repair service in Houston TX.

Common iPhone Problems

Common iPhone Problems

At ER4GADGETS, Houston, TX, a certified technician will be in charge of carrying out your required iPhone repairs. These are the most common iPhone problems that come to us:

Broken Screen Replacement

There’s almost nothing worse than that heart-stopping feeling one gets after dropping their iPhone, picking it up, and seeing that its screen has cracked. But there’s no need for you to continue living with a shattered iPhone screen when you can just get an iPhone screen repair.
Get a genuine and durable replacement iPhone touch screen at ER4GADGETS cell phone repair store in Houston TX.

Faulty LCD Display

Another problem that requires a screen repair is a corrupted LCD display. If your cell phone LCD display has stopped functioning properly or you’re seeing bleeding colors, you can bring it directly to ER4GADGETS in Houston, and one of our professional technicians will repair it and make it as good as new.

Weak iPhone Battery

Does your iPhone refuse to hold a charge? If so, your iPhone battery may be compromised. Especially if the cell phone battery is old or the cell phone itself is past the warranty period, this is a more common issue requiring cell phone repair.
If not managed early, a battery problem might ultimately lead to the phone not booting up. No worries – to get your device repaired in Houston TX, come to ER4GADGETS.

Damaged Charging Port

Another possible reason why an iPhone might have a hard time holding a charge is a damaged charging port. This can happen due to liquid entering through the port of the cell phone or one of its pins being damaged or broken. Another symptom of a damaged charging port is if iTunes fails to recognize your phone.
However, the good news is it usually takes no more than 45 minutes here at the ER4GADGETS store in Houston for a bad cell phone charging port to be repaired.

Damaged Loud Speaker or Microphone

Is your iPhone failing to produce any sound? Or is the sound of poor quality, or is the volume extremely low, even after turning the volume up all the way? Then your cell phone loudspeaker likely needs repair. The same can be true for your microphone if people you call cannot hear you.
If that sounds like your phone, get in touch with us in Houston TX, for a free estimate for your iPhone loudspeaker or microphone replacement or repair.

Water Damage

If you have any iPhone below iPhone 13, water damage is one of the worst things that can befall it. Perhaps you went swimming and forgot your cell phone was in your pocket, or maybe you dropped it in the toilet. Either way, do not turn it on or ever attempt cell phone repair yourself because this might damage the motherboard.
Rather, bring it over to ER4GADGETS. We are a trusted provider of cell phone repair services in Houston, TX.

Why You Should Take iPhone Repair Service of ER4GADGETS in Houston

What makes ER4GADGETS the #1 doorstep gadget repair service in Houston? Why should you choose us for cell phone repair?

Why You Should Take iPhone Repair Service of ER4GADGETS in Houston

What makes ER4GADGETS the #1 doorstep gadget repair service in Houston? Why should you choose us for cell phone repair?

Genuine Apple Parts Guaranteed

At our store in Houston TX, we make sure to always have the necessary replacement parts on hand. iPhones are delicate and intricate in their internal construction. Accordingly, it’s important to use quality tools and genuine replacement iPhone parts when repairing Apple devices because mistakes can be very expensive.

Free Pickup and Delivery Service After Repair

If your device is damaged or broken, there’s no need for you to visit our store physically to get it fixed—we’ll come and pick it up for free. And once the repair process is complete, we’ll deliver it back to you. All you have to pay is the repair charge.

All Repairs Are Done by Certified Professional Technicians

At ER4GADGETS, we have the experience and expertise to solve a wide range of issues for a large variety of electronic devices, not just smartphones. That’s why we’re a certified Apple repair service provider in Houston, trusted by hundreds.

Cheapest Price

If your damaged iPhone is out of warranty, you can expect the Apple Store to charge a lot to fix it. But we can offer a good price. The exact repair price depends on the damage done to the device. However, for those of you without AppleCare+ coverage, we’re sure you’d want to buy a new iPhone rather than fork over $500-$600 on device repairs. And here we make the difference, the best price for cell phone repair in Houston, TX.

Limited Time Warranty for Any Repair

Whatever kind of repair service you require from ER4GADGETS Houston TX, our repairs come with a limited-time warranty.

Same Day Cell Phone Repair Service

If you’ve ever tried to get appointments for cell phone repair service at a Houston Apple Store, you know it’s not always a straightforward process. Although walk-in services are available, there’s usually a long wait time for in-store repairs. In contrast, we can not only fix your cell phone super quick, but we offer same-day service in Houston TX, for many common phone issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Apple provide free iPhone screen repair?

No—they will charge you for repairs, even if it’s just to give your phone a new screen. Furthermore, the Apple warranty does not cover accidental damage to your cell phone. For that, you’ll need AppleCare+.

Can iPhone repair shops fix water damage?

Yes! Just bring your phone over to the ER4GADGETS cell phone repair shop. We have years of experience in fixing phones damaged by water.

How long does it take to repair a broken iPhone?

Most repairs can be completed within an hour. However, repair duration ultimately depends on the issue.

How much does it cost to repair an iPhone?

iPhone repair costs range from $100 to $600 depending on its problems and the parts required for the repair. If you use the service of an independent repair shop, such as ER4GADGETS in Houston TX, the cost is likely to be much lower!

Free Pick Up and Delivery

Don’t need to come. We will pick any broken device for FREE !

We know you are very busy, aren’t you? That’s why our team is always ready to pick up your device anytime, any day, anywhere in Texas. Just give us a call and we will do the rest.

  • We know you are very busy, aren't you? That's why our team is always ready to pick up your device anytime, any day, anywhere in Texas. Just give us a call and we will do the rest.

Let’s Repair your Device! Call Now!

FREE ESTIMATE on Gadget Repair. Drop by our store at Richmond and Weslayan (between the areas of Bellaire and Greenway Plaza, south of Highland Village). Our trained repair techs can provide a free, no-obligation estimate to help you decide if you should fix what you have or go for an upgrade. Any mobile device from a phone to a tablet to a laptop, and even your gaming console, we can fix it. Often, we can complete your repair the same day, sometimes while you wait.

Have Questions about How Your Gadget Works?
Gadgets are fun, but all the many features can make it confusing. Call or drop by our store so we can answer your questions and show you how to get the most out of your electronic device.


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    Jodi Paul
    Jodi Paul
    When my hard drive started to fail, I feared I'd need to replace my iMac. But as we all know, Apple products are pricey! So I started looking around for an Apple Authorized Service Provider. I found ER4Gadgets here on Google, and I am so glad I called them. They were able to replace the failing fusion drive with an SSD. They came to pick the iMac up from my home and returned it the same day. And, of course, this cost a fraction of replacing the computer. Plus, they fixed an old iPad Mini that was stuck in a boot loop! Now I'll be able to hand it off to my little nephew—I'm sure he will love it! I'd hoped I could get a few more years out of this iMac, and thanks to ER4Gadgets, I will be able to do just that. Humberto is incredibly knowledgeable, as well as kind and personable. I highly recommend this company and will 100% use them again for any future iPad, iPhone, MacBook, and iMac repairs I need. Thank you SO MUCH! ER4Gadgets saved the day!
    Houdini Guerra
    Houdini Guerra
    So easy
    Abigayle Slade
    Abigayle Slade
    Wonderful service! Joe was very helpful and fixed my camera with no issues! Will definitely come back if I ever need repairs.
    Yahir Olivares
    Yahir Olivares
    Super great customer service Really fast paced. Overall, a well-mannered employee.
    Manny Perez
    Manny Perez
    This place is awesome!! Great Service, fast and very knowledgeable staff. will return if I break my phone again!!
    G G
    G G
    They fixed my phone quick (took about 20 minutes), did the repair for a reasonable price, and gave me a free screen protector. Very kind ppl. Will return if I need anything else fixed.

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