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Need a repair for your MacBook? Do not look any further! ER4Gadgets is a specialized Mac repair service with high expertise on MacBook and all Apple devices.
With over 15 years of experience, our work has brought together a team of tech-savvy technicians always ready to lend a helping hand.
From flickering screens to macOS systems dying suddenly, there’s nothing we cannot fix.
Our service also includes reasonable prices and fast solutions to guarantee you can resume your activities as soon as possible. If you live in Houston, Texas, and need Apple-certified technician work, this is the place for you.

History of MacBook

First released in 2006, the MacBook came as the ideal replacement for the older iBook and PowerBook. Apple’s newest computer revolutionized the industry, becoming a must-have portable device back in the day.
Since then, the MacBook Series has improved continuously up to today’s MacBook Pro.
With thousands of users within the United States and worldwide, MacBook remains a reliable brand for tech lovers.

Common Problems with MacBook

The following list contains the most common problems with MacBook computers. Keep in mind that these are not the only problems this computer may experience, and the solutions recommended could potentially work.
At ER4Gadgets, you can get a thorough diagnostic to solve the issue permanently.

Some MacBooks turn off and continue to do it after turning them on. One common solution for this problem is to check the battery. It could be that the battery isn’t charging properly. Alternatively, resetting the System Management Controller could also help.

If you notice a flashing power LED, the cause may be faulty hardware. Run Apple’s function to diagnose the hardware and identify the issue. It could be a myriad of parts, like the battery or computer processor. A loud noise may also be audible during startup, indicating RAM failure.

While using MacBook computers, you may experience a flickering screen. This problem comes up when there are incompatibility issues between the hardware and software. A damaged graphic processing unit can also be the root of this problem.

First, try connecting the external device to another computer. If it works, then you must check the port and cable of the MacBook. Additionally, restarting the computer may also solve the issue quickly.

When you try these measures and none work, then the external device may not be compatible with your computer.

This problem usually occurs when the computer is dealing with operating system issues. Go to the macOS recovery function to fix the issue. If the problem remains, consult with a professional for further assistance.

Overheating MacBooks are not good. While some users get cooling pads, the issue is more complex than it may seem. Most of the time, you can fix overheating issues by cleaning the dust within the computer. Make sure to clean it regularly to prevent a similar situation.

Why Should You Take MacBook Repair Service of ER4Gadgets in Houston?

Rely on professionals to get your MacBook like brand-new! As the #1 doorstep gadget repair service in Houston, TX, here’s what we offer for every MacBook owner in the area.

Pickup & Delivery Are Free

With free pickup and delivery services, you don’t have to spend a single dollar on anything else besides the repair. Stop by the office or request delivery to get your device back as soon as possible.

Repair Warranty

As gadget lovers ourselves, we understand recurring problems can be frustrating. We actively work on permanent solutions to guarantee this issue does not happen to you. Enjoy a long-lasting device with a limited lifetime warranty on all repairs.

Certified MacBook Repair Service Provider in Houston

Our certified service and qualified professionals make us the top repair service provider for MacBook devices in Houston. Furthermore, our proven track record and expertise cover a wide range of Apple products.
With our skilled team, we provide assistance with Mac Mini, MacBook Air, Mac Pro, and iPhone repair services.

Guaranteed Genuine Parts

With genuine parts guaranteed, you can trust your device will look and perform just as new following repairs.

Reasonable Price

Apple devices are pricey, and unethical technicians take advantage of this to charge high prices. With us, you get more while paying less. Our prices are reasonable, so you don’t have to fear having your MacBook fixed.

Repairs On-the-Go!

Our skilled technicians can diagnose and repair your MacBook in just a few hours after drop-off. Trust your device to us, and we will make sure that it is up and running in no time.

Certified Repairs by Certified Professionals

Don’t rely on shady individuals to provide solutions for your device. With us, you can trust a team of certified technicians with years of experience. If there’s a problem, there’s a solution, and we will find it.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Are MacBooks easily damaged?

MacBooks are fragile devices requiring the utmost care and special attention. Under pressure, these computers will likely lead to a cracked screen or useless hinges. Thus, you must treat the MacBook gently to prevent damage and save money on screen repair services.

• How long does a MacBook usually last?

MacBooks can perform flawlessly for up to 10 years if you’re careful and avoid hardware damage. Some hardware problems are also relatively easy to solve and increase the lifespan of the device.

• What are other common problems of MacBook?

Regular problems with MacBook devices include blank screens and the inability to connect with external devices. Likewise, some MacBooks have presented issues where the computers stop working entirely. Consult with a professional if you experience these problems.

• Are MacBook computers reliable?

MacBooks are reliable computers due to their perfect hardware and software combination. Apple produces these devices using its exclusive software and parts, allowing the computers to be stable.

• Is the MacBook Pro worth it?

The MacBook Pro is a worthy investment if you need a powerful computer. Otherwise, consider less powerful devices like the MacBook Pro 13” with the M2 chips.

Free Pick Up and Delivery

Don’t need to come. We will pick any broken device for FREE !

We know you are very busy, aren’t you? That’s why our team is always ready to pick up your device anytime, any day, anywhere in Texas. Just give us a call and we will do the rest.

  • We know you are very busy, aren't you? That's why our team is always ready to pick up your device anytime, any day, anywhere in Texas. Just give us a call and we will do the rest.

Let’s Repair your Device! Call Now!

FREE ESTIMATE on Gadget Repair. Drop by our store at 4151 Southwest Freeway suite #460, Houston, Texas 77027. Our trained repair techs can provide a free, no-obligation estimate to help you decide if you should fix what you have or go for an upgrade. Any mobile device from a phone to a tablet to a laptop, and even your gaming console, we can fix it. Often, we can complete your repair the same day, sometimes while you wait.


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Jodi Paul
Jodi Paul
When my hard drive started to fail, I feared I'd need to replace my iMac. But as we all know, Apple products are pricey! So I started looking around for an Apple Authorized Service Provider. I found ER4Gadgets here on Google, and I am so glad I called them. They were able to replace the failing fusion drive with an SSD. They came to pick the iMac up from my home and returned it the same day. And, of course, this cost a fraction of replacing the computer. Plus, they fixed an old iPad Mini that was stuck in a boot loop! Now I'll be able to hand it off to my little nephew—I'm sure he will love it! I'd hoped I could get a few more years out of this iMac, and thanks to ER4Gadgets, I will be able to do just that. Humberto is incredibly knowledgeable, as well as kind and personable. I highly recommend this company and will 100% use them again for any future iPad, iPhone, MacBook, and iMac repairs I need. Thank you SO MUCH! ER4Gadgets saved the day!
Houdini Guerra
Houdini Guerra
So easy
Abigayle Slade
Abigayle Slade
Wonderful service! Joe was very helpful and fixed my camera with no issues! Will definitely come back if I ever need repairs.
Yahir Olivares
Yahir Olivares
Super great customer service Really fast paced. Overall, a well-mannered employee.
Manny Perez
Manny Perez
This place is awesome!! Great Service, fast and very knowledgeable staff. will return if I break my phone again!!
They fixed my phone quick (took about 20 minutes), did the repair for a reasonable price, and gave me a free screen protector. Very kind ppl. Will return if I need anything else fixed.

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