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Cell phones are common and everywhere found in our daily life, and they are easily broken if they are not handled properly. Furthermore, you may encounter software or internal/external hardware problem which may hamper your smartphone usability.

You should be cautious to choose the best cell phone help, so as not to cause additional damage in case your smartphone is broken for some unusual reasons. It is good to take security measures to protect your mobile phone, but if there is any harm, try to ask for a professional cell phone repair service in Houston at the cheapest price possible.

We Fix the Following Smartphone Brands

We Fix the Following Smartphone Brands

Samsung, iPhone, Mi, Vivo, HTC, LG, Microsoft, Google, Huawei, Nothing, etc.

Repair Your Smartphone Today!
Powerful, vibrant screens make your web browsing and social media experience larger than life. You enjoy apps, movies, emails, and, of course, making calls from your smartphone. But nothing can throw you off like a problem with your main source of communication. If you’re dealing with a cracked screen, battery issue, or an unknown, yet frustrating, problem, come into ER4 Gadgets for quick, reliable, and quality service. We save your smartphone’s life!

Let’s repair your Smartphone Today!

Regardless of the type or model of phone you have or the problems you are experiencing, our customers have seen just about everything and we are confident we can assist you. Our clients have experience with both Android and iOS devices and we work quickly so that we can get your phone fixed and your day back in order.

We Offer the Following Services:

Apple Phone Repair – Did you drop your iPhone and crack the screen? Have a software issue? The ER4Gadgets team has an in-depth understanding of Apple phones and is ready to provide a fast, reliable repair. Since these phones are so popular, we keep Apple parts in stock and do all our own repairs in-house.

Android Phone Repair – Our Nerds have fixed so many Android phones, we consider ourselves experts and will provide you with a repair in record time.

Screen Repair – Stop swiping across a cracked screen and bring your phone to ER4Gadgets so that we can replace it with precision.

Syncing & Backup – When was the last time you backed up your phone? For many of our customers, we find that it’s been a while, which isn’t a good thing if you were to lose it. We can help backup your data and other important information just in case something happens.

Smartphone Software Updates – If your phone is running slower than usual, if apps are closing without warning, or if certain tasks aren’t going smoothly, your software may need to be updated. Our Nerds can make sure you have the most updated software – and if not, we can help you download it.

Popular Smartphone Repair Options:

Broken Glass Digitizer Screen Repair
Busted LCD or IPS LED Display Panel Replacement
Stuck Volume, Power, and Mute Switch Repair
Loud Speaker and Microphone Replacement
Dock Charger Repair and Replacement
Water or Liquid Damage Restoration
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FREE ESTIMATE on Gadget Repair. Drop by our store at Richmond and Weslayan (between the areas of Bellaire and Greenway Plaza, south of Highland Village). Our trained repair techs can provide a free, no-obligation estimate to help you decide if you should fix what you have or go for an upgrade. Any mobile device from a phone to a tablet to a laptop, and even your gaming console, we can fix it. Often, we can complete your repair the same day, sometimes while you wait.

Have Questions about How Your Gadget Works?
Gadgets are fun, but all the many features can make it confusing. Call or drop by our store so we can answer your questions and show you how to get the most out of your electronic device.


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    Jodi Paul
    Jodi Paul
    When my hard drive started to fail, I feared I'd need to replace my iMac. But as we all know, Apple products are pricey! So I started looking around for an Apple Authorized Service Provider. I found ER4Gadgets here on Google, and I am so glad I called them. They were able to replace the failing fusion drive with an SSD. They came to pick the iMac up from my home and returned it the same day. And, of course, this cost a fraction of replacing the computer. Plus, they fixed an old iPad Mini that was stuck in a boot loop! Now I'll be able to hand it off to my little nephew—I'm sure he will love it! I'd hoped I could get a few more years out of this iMac, and thanks to ER4Gadgets, I will be able to do just that. Humberto is incredibly knowledgeable, as well as kind and personable. I highly recommend this company and will 100% use them again for any future iPad, iPhone, MacBook, and iMac repairs I need. Thank you SO MUCH! ER4Gadgets saved the day!
    Houdini Guerra
    Houdini Guerra
    So easy
    Abigayle Slade
    Abigayle Slade
    Wonderful service! Joe was very helpful and fixed my camera with no issues! Will definitely come back if I ever need repairs.
    Yahir Olivares
    Yahir Olivares
    Super great customer service Really fast paced. Overall, a well-mannered employee.
    Manny Perez
    Manny Perez
    This place is awesome!! Great Service, fast and very knowledgeable staff. will return if I break my phone again!!
    G G
    G G
    They fixed my phone quick (took about 20 minutes), did the repair for a reasonable price, and gave me a free screen protector. Very kind ppl. Will return if I need anything else fixed.

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